Looking where others have not

Image credit by Shutterstock. 

Image credit by Shutterstock

We have known for a long time that cancer spreads. This is called metastasis. But until recently, the precise mechanisms of metastases were not examined in depth.

This is analogous to the Moai statues of Easter Island. Although it was suspected for decades that that the great Moai head statues also have bodies, it was not until recently (2010, 2011) that controlled excavations were finally made. These excavations revealed that the bodies actually go much deeper than suspected AND that ancient petroglyphs are carved upon them. Only now, with these excavations are solid hypotheses being made as to how Moai were transported.

We too believe in looking below the surface, and taking a different approach in exploring greater solutions. Recent studies have revealed molecular markers and proteins directly involved in the metastatic process that allows cancers cells to spread to distant parts of the body. Similarly, the role and formation of pre-metastatic niches are being revealed. These are AlloOnc's targets and have thus far led to the invention of a novel cellular smart therapeutic which we are developing and hope to soon take to clinical trials.