At AlloOnc, our goals in saving lives and curing cancer are sincere and our science is strong. As a corporation, the business concept we are building is also strong.


AlloOnc is a startup biotechnology corporation with the purpose of saving lives, prolonging those cut short due to cancer. AlloOnc was established with the goal of developing the cellular therapeutic invention of one of the founders, taking it to clinical trials, to the market, and ultimately, to patients suffering from various cancers in order to rid them of their burden. The invention consists of engineered cells that will specifically attack metastatic cancer cells and halt malignant metastasis. Such metastases, remains an important aspect of oncology, which has been greatly unaddressed.

Over 90% of all mortalities due to all types of cancer result from metastases. Scientists now understand that despite a malignant tumor shedding up to millions of cells into the bloodstream each day, only a select few cells that break away from the primary tumor are responsible for the formation of aggressive secondary tumors. Yet current therapies have not yet, until now, been developed to target these single cells from escaping the primary tumor and spreading deadly metastases elsewhere in the body. AlloOnc’s flagship therapeutic product, the MesenkillerTM (MSKTM), has the potential to be unlike any other cancer therapy currently available. What makes this therapeutic stand out most from current therapies is that it is a “smart” therapy. Conventional therapies including radiation, as well as toxic pharmaceuticals are unable to make decisions as to when, and against which cells, to execute their effects and when to stop. Consequently, current therapies are highly toxic to the patient receiving them. For instance, a molecule used to target cancer cells that is linked with a radioactive particle will attach to the cancer cell but the radiation is indiscriminate and kills both targeted and the surrounding non targeted cells. Many other pharmaceutical therapies use markers that are common among cancer cells as well as other cells that are not malignant, resulting in toxic affects systemically. AlloOnc’s therapeutic takes advantage of the innate ability of MSK to migrate specifically to the tumor, and it will only act when directly stimulated by the cancer cells. Recent evidence suggests that MSK may also help prevent premetastatic niche formation. This results in an efficient and effective therapeutic that will not have systemic affects, will only affect the malignancy, and which specifically addresses the deadly yet unresolved problem of metastasis.

AlloOnc’s message: Enjoy Life. Live!

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of AlloOnc Corporation sets high standards for its employees, officers and directors. Implicit in this philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance. It is the duty of the Board of Directors to serve as a prudent fiduciary for shareholders and to oversee the management of AlloOnc's business and therapeutic goals. To fulfill its responsibilities and to discharge its duty, the Board of Directors follows the procedures and standards that are set forth in the corporate by-laws. These by-laws are subject to modification from time to time as the Board of Directors deems appropriate in the best interests of AlloOnc Corporation, or as required by applicable laws and regulations.