We believe that a cancer patient should not have to look or feel like a cancer patient. No hair loss, no nausea and vomiting. We believe cancer patients like all of us should not just 'live' but be able to enjoy life.

AlloOnc offers a bold new approach to cancer therapy - one in which non-cancerous healthy cells are left to live on. Our "smart" therapeutic approach is based on the work that our founders began as graduate students in Northern California, and is poised to change the way the medical community and regulatory agents, like the FDA, around the world, look at cancer therapies.

We may not be able to prevent cancer from occurring, but we can prevent recurrence and metastasis (spread of cancer). With your support we can develop this therapeutic into a real cure.

At AlloOnc, the patients we serve are human. But we look forward to extending our therapies to also help companion animals, because our pet dogs, cats, and horses are part of the family too.